In a lovely conversation I had with a student, she told me that one of the helpf

In a lovely conversation I had with a student, she told me that one of the helpful aspects of the contract grading system was that it allowed her to feel like she could take some risks in her writing. I loved this thought, and I wanted to encourage you all to keep this in mind as well. In the spirit of risk-taking, we have put together a prompt for paper #2 that is a bit experimental — it is a kind of choose-your-own adventure prompt, designed to make very visible the thought process we want to encourage you to undertake in considering your paper. The diagram for this appears below. By making this thought process visible in the time that you are thinking through this paper, you can have it worked out, know where you’re going, and write your paper with a clear sense of where you are taking your reader.
We hope you will enjoy getting started thinking about this, and please do start coming in to talk to us about your ideas as early as you would like! We are looking forward to hearing about them. Here is a copy of the choose-your-own-adventure diagram in pdf form for accessibility, in case the print in this embedded image is not legible.
Length: 6-7 pages. Formatting note: Please provide translations of all the passages from Chaucer that you cite, using the techniques we have been working on (translating in prose, being clear about subjects and verbs, etc.)
An idea that can be expanded upon in House of Fame includes the statues and their meaning.