I want your “antenna” to become just as sensitive !

When I teach this course. I see the world differently. Everywhere I turn I seem to see things that are relevant. I want your “ANTENNA” to become just as sensitive ! The purpose of this assignment is to catalog and share with me what you “SEE”. I generally come across these moments when I read the newspaper; look at photos; surf the web; turn on the TV, radio, you tube, and movies; when I attend events and when I interact with others. In sum, almost anything is fair game (if you use events with people who are not public figures, then use fake names). I want you to submit 3 journal responses.
Each entry must contain the following and APA formatting must be used: -TITLE AND CHAPTER NUMBER: CHAPTER #7 WOMEN AND WORK.
– THE SOURCE MATERIAL: Article, picture, or a description that describes the entry in full.
– RELEVANCE: 1-2 typed, double spaced paragraphs detailing why this entry is relevant to our class, relating it to specific class materials we covered or discussed throughout the class.
-CRITIQUE: 1-2 typed, double spaced paragraphs describing your thoughts, reactions, comments, etc. about the entry. This should include your evaluation of the quality of any information presented.