I/O psychology; Analysis of JAQ Results

All-American Burgers (AAB) has reached out to you to help them make sense of the Job Analysis report
that LAME consulting provided them. LAME has gone out of business after writing their report and AAB is
not sure how the results provide a foundation for a new selection system for the job of server.
Specifically, they recall LAME telling them that the Job Analysis Questionnaire results were supposed to
indicate how much each of the most essential Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Other characteristics
(KSAOs) are to be weighted in the resulting selection system, but they are unable to figure out how to
arrive at that conclusion. They would like you to explain how you would analyze the results to get to that
end point.
For this paper assignment, you are to create a professional document with AAB as your intended
audience. You will need to explain the process that you went through in Application Assignments 3 and 4
when you analyzed the JAQ results and created tables that presented your list of Essential Tasks,
Essential KSAOs, the Essential Task x Essential KSAO linkage results, and the re-distribution of weights
for Essential KSAOs. Not only are you to report what cutoffs you used and describe the resulting lists, but
you need to explain your process and rationale for the process and decisions that you made along the
way. AAB does have Human Resources staff who are knowledgeable about the basic information about
what tasks, duties, and KSAOs are, but they are not job analysis or selection experts.
All-American Burgers would like you to submit a document that contains:
– A Title Page that includes the name of the Principal Investigator (YOU) and any other information
that the PI would like to convey, as well as logos, consulting firm names, etc.
– An introduction that gives an overview of the purpose of the document and context for the
subsequent analysis of JAQ results
– Separate sections for: (1) Identifying Essential Tasks; (2) Identifying Essential KSAOs; (3) Linking
Essential KSAOs to Essential Tasks; and (4) the Weighting of Essential KSAOs
– A conclusion that summarizes the analysis and indicates where the selection system development
should proceed based on the analysis
– A Reference page for the source material for the analysis process; this will immediately follow the
text of the document to give credit to the authors of the process
– A set of Appendices (each with a cover page labeled 1 – 4 and the corresponding section name)
which will follow the References page and present the tables that you have already created; do
NOT include the tables in the text of the paper
Here is the grading scheme for Paper #1
– Formatting: 3 points
o includes Title Page, Single-Spaced lines of text, Reference page, Appendices 1-4
– Introduction: 3 points
– Identifying Essential Tasks: 3 points
– Identifying Essential KSAOs: 3 points
– Linking Essential KSAOs to Essential Tasks: 3 points
– Weighting of Essential KSAOs: 3 points
– Conclusion: 2 points