I need only a response to the answer below: What roles do …

I need only a response to the answer below:

What roles do leadership and innovation play within each of the four management functions? Provide an example of how to integrate leadership into at least two management functions.

Innovation is the key to remaining relevant in any business or organization. Leaders who embrace new innovation for growth think outside the box and are extremely creative when doing business. Therefore, leadership is the catalyst and source of organizational creativity and innovation (Agbor, 2008). This only occurs when the leader believes in the company’s vision and drive for success. There are four basic functions planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Within these four, leaders that focus on planning are able to forecast the needs of the company as well as looking into the future as it relates to growth and expansion. These leaders offer directives and establish strategies that promote employee empowerment and self awareness. When we instill these qualities within our employees, the planning phase becomes easier and more manageable or all company employees.

The next function that incorporates innovation and leadership is leading a company. True leaders know that, you can not single-handedly lead a company to greatness, you must invest in your personnel and allow them a path to success on their own. By keeping their employees engaged and motivated, they tend believe that they are apart of something special and are willing to go the extra mile. Everyone in the organization in some way needs to be involved in its leadership (Agbor, 2008). Recognizing and developing potential in more employees not only transforms an organization by introducing the benefits of effective leadership; it also supplies leadership pipeline that feeds into upper levels of corporate governance and helps ensure that an organization has leadership resources that it needs (Goldberg, 2017). When we can promote diversity and inclusion into the workplace then you have set the standards for continuous growth and stability.


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