I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Messenger of…

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Messenger of Peace in Morocco. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

The politics of Morocco evolve and sustain in a parliamentary constitutional monarchy where under the executive power of the Moroccan king, the political powers are nurtured. Thus, the king of Morocco is the instrumental post in its constitutional framework and does not merely indicate the ornamental presence. The designation of ‘King’ has been used since 1957 and prior to it, the office was known by the name of ‘Sultan’ (Pagar, “Constitution”).King Hassan II was one of the most prominent kings of Morocco in the span of the last fifty years.

His contribution to politics and society will always remain a milestone in the modern history of Morocco and inspiration for the future generation of the monarchy.King Hassan II was born in the year of 1929, on the second day in the month of July. He was the second eldest son of the great king Mohammed V and princess Lalla Alba bint Tahar. When Hassan II was born, the throne of Morocco was reined by his father Mohammad V. King Hassan II had five siblings which included his five sisters and one brother.

King Hassan II received his education from Imperial College situated in Rabat. King Hassan completed his degree in Law from the University of Bordeaux. On August 20th, 1953 he was exiled to Corsica along with his father Mohammed V and his entire family. They were sent to exile by the French authorities. From there, the family of the Sultan was shifted to Madagascar in the month of January of 1954. King Hassan II was known by the name of Prince Moulay Hassan and he worked as his father’s chief political advisor during this period as the family returned from exile on November 16th, 1955.

Prince Moulay Hassan wholeheartedly participated in the negotiations for the independence of Morocco along with his father, who in the following years, appointed him as the Chief of Staff of the Royal Armed Force in the month of April of the year 1965.