I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Launching th…

I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Launching the New Product. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required.

This leads to the sacking of the project manager and hiring a new one who works by motivating all the parties concerned and achieves above expectations.


The company had hired the most competent person, recruited by the CEO which came out not to be the case. The project manager ignores advice from other departments and does not consult either. This results in continuous problems hindering the realization of the project goals. The company is left with no choice but to hire another CEO Andre Gignac after twelve months to oversee the success of the project. Indeed their decision was a rewarding one. Andre organized staff into various groups and delegated specific duties to the members so as to avoid confrontation arising from different departments. Provided motivational support which ensured every member was committed towards the course of project delivery. To the disbelief of the management, the company had managed to achieve its objectives within three months something that was impossible with the predecessor.

Issues/ challenges

Qualifications and ways of recruiting the project managers

Poor coordination of different departments within the same organization proved to be difficult.

Calibers of analysis

The hiring of Mr. Rogerge was purely based on assumptions and not on the merit of having the best skills required to achieve objectives (Furman, 2011). Having knowledge about a concept does not necessarily mean one can be the best manager to oversee the ideas as Mr.Roberge has thought. The CEO found it hard to coordinate work between the different workforces at his disposal, was self-centered, and had no best interest at hand to deliver on the project which eventually led to his failure.

However, this is contrary to what Andre Gignac did to the organization. He had experience and understands what management means and do not have to know IT skills for him to be a success. He understands the role of collective responsibility in the organization in the development of any project course (Furman, 2011). He clearly distinguishes duties and responsibilities to persons to ensure a smooth flow of work. Andre provided encouragement, unity in the workforce by hosting evening parties. This has made the manager achieve goals within an unexpected period of time.


The hiring of well-trained, qualified, and experienced managers complimented with a good design by integrating whole departments will make the organization achieve its goals since a smooth flow of work is ensured and commitment while maintaining the time frames of the projects.