I have two simple assignments First assignment Please answer…

I have two simple assignments

First assignment

Please answer the following questions:

  1. Do you think that most employees who take legal action against their employers have valid claims or are looking to “get something for nothing?” What is the basis for your opinion?
  2. Would you be inclined to take legal action against your employer if you felt strongly that your legal rights had been violated? Why or why not?

Second assignment

Equal Opportunity and the Law – Chapter 2

Every HR action you take as a manager, from interviewing applicants to training, appraising, and rewarding them, has equal employment implications. Therefore, the purpose of chapter 2 is to provide you with the knowledge to deal effectively with equal employment questions on the job. This chapter is key and the foundation for HR Management.

Application case, Accusation of Sexual Harassment in Pro Sports in your text

  1. Do you think Ms. Browne Saunders had the basis for a sexual harassment suit? Why?
  2. From what you know of the case, do you think the jury arrived at the correct decision? Defend your answer.
  3. Based on the few facts that you have, what steps could Garden management have taken to protect itself from liability in this matter?
  4. Aside from the appeal, what would you do now if you were the Garden’s top management?

5.”The allegations against MSG in this case raise ethical questions with regard to the employer’s actions.” Do you agree/disagree and defend your answer. 

After reading the Wells Fargo Case (located in the read & review folder) answer the following questions: 

  1. Do you agree with the bank’s decision to fire the employee?
  2. Do you see any other alternatives to the firing?

3: With respect to recruitment and selection standards listed in chapter 2 of your text, what are some potentially discriminatory practices that organizations must avoid?

Lastly, what important precedents were set by the Griggs v. Duke Power Company case and the Albemarle v. Moody case?