I have to create a mareting plan for Uber that consists of 2 Parts: Part I 1. C

I have to create a mareting plan for Uber that consists of 2 Parts:
Part I
1. Consists of general information and situational analysis: Describe the co, tell a brief history,summarize core products and services, identify correct current competitors and explain why they are competitors
2.Complete a swot analysis, propose a product service line that i want to develop a marketing plan for(service product I chose was to add student uber where there is funding to take students to school who miss their current transportation to school).
3. Macro and Micro envronment(Analyze two elements that affects the marketng strategy. (Micro- competitors, Macro-economics).
Part II The marketing plan
Section 1 – Describe my segmentation approach for my service(uber)/make sure to discuss the demographic, geopgraphic, behavioral, psychographic segmentation approaches. Provide rationale for this approach. Describe targeted audiences or markets and create a postioning statement.
Secton 2 – The marketing mix: Formulate the 4 P’s(Product-Describe core product, extended product and product concept), explain how I plan to achieve competitive differentiation through creating customer value in 4 areas(branding,packagng,support and quality)
Promotion with a special focus on Digital media and integrated marketing comunications
Section 3 – Global and Ethical Considerations and Conclusion: Identify 3 businesses or socialcultural considerations in translating your marketing plan for use in a foreign market(preferably Japan). Discuss at least one policy/philosophy or idea regarding the
a. Corporate social responsibility
b. green marketing practices
c. ethics and ethical marketing
Conclude with the summary of th plan and why it needs to be funded.
Apa formatted appendix needed at the end