This week’s challenge focuses on ch

This week’s challenge focuses on children’s social emotional learning. Watch this video of an early childhood coach’s experience in a classroom. This coach’s job was to come into the classroom and support a student teacher. While in the classroom, he saw interactions between children that concerned him. Watch the coach’s story. Then answer the questions that follow in your discussion board.
1. What is the perspective of the coach? What tensions and opportunities exist?
2. What could the teacher have said immediately in the moment to help ensure a positive social learning experience for all children?
3. Post one idea for a future lesson plan or activity the teacher could do to ensure children learn and practice inclusive social skills. Think about pairing children up for activities, strategically planning groups, planning games, practice, role play, children’s books, etc. Describe your idea in 1-2 sentences. Draw upon previous modules’ readings and mini-lectures as needed.
Separate each answer