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Please  respond to all questions, one question at a time. Indicate the topic in  the title of your response, for example: Topic # 1 (option 1 or 2) or  Topic # 2 and reply to at least 2 classmates per topic. Remember to use at least two resources from the class. 
Topic #1 – Training Objectives (Option 1)
Why are training objectives so critical to effective training and to  the course design? How are they relevant to the (1) instructors, (2)  learners, and (3) course designers? Be sure to use at least two  resources from the class.
Topic #1 – Training Objectives (Option 2)
Conduct an online search for a workplace training course (not a  university course) that states the intended learning objectives. (1)  Copy and paste the link and the learning objectives into the discussion  area. (2) Discuss how the learning/training objectives and outcomes are  presented to their potential audience. (3) Critique how clearly (or not)  the training objectives and outcomes are articulated. (4) What else  would you want to know before registering to take this training?  Be  sure to use at least one resources from the class.
Topic #2 – Compare and Contrast Technology-based to Face-to-Face Training (Required)
As many organizations have increased remote workers due to the  Coronavirus pandemic, these organizations have implemented more  technology-based learning for their workforce. Compare and contrast the  advantages and disadvantages between technology-based approaches (such  as Zoom, Skype, or other multimedia) training with in-person,  face-to-face training for employees. As a designer, what  learner/audience factors would you consider when selecting each of these  delivery methods? What has been your experience with conducting these  two kinds of employee training (F2F and Virtual)? Be sure to use at  least two resources from the class.
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