Homework 6 Character Strings Question Description HOMEWORK 6CHARACTER STRINGSWrite a C pro …

Homework 6 Character StringsQuestion Description HOMEWORK 6
CHARACTER STRINGSWrite a C program that will calculate the gross pay of a set of employees. The program should prompt the user to enter the number of hours each employee worked. When prompted, key in the hours shown below.The program determines the overtime hours (anything over 40 hours), the gross pay and then outputs a table in the following format.

Column alignment, leading zeros in Clock#, and zero suppression in float fields is important.

Use 1.5 as the overtime pay factor. ——————————————————— Name Clock# Wage Hours OT Gross ——————————————————— Connie Cobol 098401 10.60 51.0 11.0 598.90 Mary Apl 526488 9.75 42.5 2.5 426.56 Frank Fortran 765349 10.50 37.0 0.0 388.50 Jeff Ada 034645 12.25 45.0 5.0 581.88 Anton Pascal 127615 10.00 40.0 0.0 400.00 ——————————————————— Total: 215.5 18.5 2395.84 Average: 43.1 3.7 479.168 Minimum 37.0 0.0 388.50 Maximum 51.0 11.0 598.90Additionally, here are a few more things I would like you to calculate and print out.1) These are mandatory and need to be done:

  a) Add a Total row at the end to sum up the hours, ot, and gross columns
  b) Add an Average row to print out the average of the hours, ot, and gross columns

2) These two optional challenges if you have time

  a) Calculate and print the minimum hours, ot, and gross values
  b) Calculate and print the maximum hours, ot, and gross values
You should implement this program using a structure similar to the suggested one below to store the information for each employee.  Feel free to tweak it if you wish.  For example, its OK to have a first and last name member instead of just a name member, and if you want to use different types, that is OK as well. struct employee { char name [20]; long id_number; float wage; float hours; float overtime; float gross; }; Use the following information to initialize your data. Connie Cobol 98401 10.60 Mary Apl 526488 9.75 Frank Fortran 765349 10.50 Jeff Ada 34645 12.25 Anton Pascal 127615 10.00 Create an array of structures with 5 elements, each being of type struct employee. Initialize the array with the data provided and reference the elements of the array with the appropriate subscripts.