Homelessness Research Project This research project focuses on Homelessness beca

Homelessness Research Project
This research project focuses on Homelessness because both Orange County and Los Angeles are facing tragic levels of homelessness as well as other cities across the country.
You will write a 7 to 8-page paper while conducting some outside research to explore your topic and use course concepts to analyze, all three major sociological theories, and organize your findings. You will need at least 5 outside sources not including your textbook or reading materials on Canvas. Three (3) of your 5 sources should be from scholarly peer reviewed journal articles. These should be sociological journals that you can find at the OCC library. The reference librarian can help you. I will not accept uncertified internet journals and Wikipedia as academic sources. The length of the paper requires you to condense a lot of material, be sure to narrow your topic down to a workable paper.
Use the following headings:
Research and Background:
Public Policy Solutions and Opposition
In other words, your paper should include the following basics: Define your question and Identify why your question is important in your introduction; Outline what others have found out about your topic from your articles in the research and background section; Discuss what people are doing about the problem, suggesting, or opposing in your public policy solutions and opposition section; Analyze how the sociological theories apply to the topic and explain which is best in the analysis section; Wrap up with the insights, arguments, and questions that you have come up with by doing this research in the conclusion section.
Choose from one of these topics of homelessness below (be creative and add personal knowledge to the topics if you have experience.):
The Experience of Homeless and Popular Misperceptions
Homelessness: History and Overview
Methods: Counting, Measuring, Investigating the Homeless
Deinstitutionalization and Mental Illness and Homelessness
Substance Abuse, Alcoholism, and the Homeless
Health Care & the Homeless
Homeless Families, Children and Social Support
Income and Unemployment and Homelessness
Unaffordable Housing, Housing Shortages, and Homelessness
Shelters, Case Management, and NIMBY Neighborhoods and Cities
Land Acquisition, Housing Development, Social Policies Related Homeless
State how/which sociological theory provides insight to your topic. Identify how each article and source contributes to addressing your topic. Your paper should follow a general flow, give consideration to writing your introduction, body and conclusion. Keep in mind that you may have subtopics within each. Be sure to stay on topic and fully address your question.
Grading: 50 points Total
Essay Substance, Use of sociological theories, Topic and Analysis: 30 points
Using Academic Sources and Citing Sources Correctly using APA format: 10 points
Following Guidelines and Instructions: 5 points (doing everything in these instructions)
Proofreading, Grammar, and Punctuation: 5 points (checking for errors)
Please use academic concepts and terms mixed with your own jargon in the appropriate context while synthesizing the new content that you have analyzed. I am looking for your insight, ideas, application, and ability to recognize the implications of some of the insights you have from the class, your research on homelessness and your sociological imagination. Remember that this is an exercise and this assignment is intended for you to demonstrate what you’ve learned. It is not a test. You are primarily being graded for following instructions, completing the project, willingness to put in effort to learn as much as possible, and improving your level of sociological analysis.
The paper must be 7-8 pages including title page and reference page. Do not include an abstract. Must be a Word document or PDF, double spaced, Times New Roman font, and 1-inch margins all around. DO NOT USE ANY SPACE ON THE FIRST PAGE FOR YOUR NAME, MY NAME, THE DATE, A TITLE OR ANY THING ELSE. Canvas gives me all of that information when you turn it in. I want most of the paper to be your research analysis from beginning to end.
Your paper should be in your own voice, which means using quotations selectively and only when necessary.