HIST 1302 Vietnam Essay GuidelinesSources: Vietnam Interviews (Both are in PDF o

HIST 1302 Vietnam Essay GuidelinesSources: Vietnam Interviews (Both are in PDF on Canvas):1) Interview with Mavin Mathiak2) Interview with Gonzalo BaltazarDue 11:59pm, Saturday, July 3, on Canvas50 pointsWrite a 4-6 page, double-spaced essay in which you develop a theme that you find particularly interesting in both of the above interviews. Any topic will work so long as Mathiak and Baltazar provide enough information for you to fully flesh-out your essay. Treat these as primary sources (which they are), and use the information provided by each Vietnam veteran as a basis to back-up your argument-driven essay. – A good essay should:o Consist of 4-6 pages well thought-out, flawless, double-spaced pages. Garamond 12 font. 1 inch margins.o Develop an argument and angle that you find especially compelling. E.g. Soldier’s experience, death, environment, etc.o Exhibit a high degree of analysis—not merely a re-telling the story.oNot involve the use of any other source. The use of any outside source other than those provided will result in an automatic failure.o NOT be a “book report.†This is a primary source-based essay. Think of it as a mini-research paper in which you use only two sources. o Not be plagiarized—this will result in automatic failure of the class, as per the syllabus.o Be turned-in on time. No late papers will be accepted. – Direct quotes should be cited like this: o “When they brought food and water they’d bring mail†(Mathiak, 30). o Detailed information from the interviews that is paraphrased or summarized should still be cited with a page number or range of page numbers, e.g. (pp. 28-30).