Hi, This is an assignment of 30%. We had runned a company na…

Hi, This is an assignment of 30%.

We had runned a company namely Riders.

So, now we had to make a report on it.

I had attached the simulations of 10 years and also had attached a sample of my friend’s assignment. So you can review it.

Following are the instructions given by our instructor.

Brief Description

Student teams will have run their respective companies for a period of 10 years. They are now being asked to report on their performance over the past 10 years to their shareholders and present their plan for the next five years in support of being rehired as the management team for the next 5 years.

Submission Instructions

Your written submission should be prepared in the format of an annual report that would be provided to shareholders. The goal is to prove yourself effective managers so that you will be rehired for the next 5 years. If you have had good performance over the past 10 years, tell the reader what you are going to do to maintain and perhaps improve. What are the opportunities and threats as you see them? If you have not had great success over the past 10 years tell your shareholders what you have learned and what you will do differently in the next 5 years that would convince them that they should rehire you. Use graphs and tables to present information more clearly and concisely for the reader. Your report should not exceed 30 pages inclusive of all tables, exhibits, and covers. Grammar and spelling count and all referencing, if external materials are used, should be in APA style format.

This project is an iterative one, not something that can be left until the last minute. Each decision period should involve assessment of your strategy and outcomes and any adjustments you believe are necessary given things like changes in the environment, competitive response or changes with consumer preferences. Within the first two weeks you should have landed on a design and outline for your annual report and be filling in information with each decision and corresponding set of results, noting tends, environmental changes, competitor moves and other similar events of importance. Remember, you are doing an overview of the last 10 years, concentrating on the last 5 and ending with your plan for the next 5. Preparation and planning is important.