Hi there, Instructions are: 1. The essay needs to flow nicely, so that anyone r

Hi there,
Instructions are:
1. The essay needs to flow nicely, so that anyone reading it can understand
2. Table of contents with page numbers
3. The following topics need to be discussed in depth in the paper, but are not limited to:
– What is cryptocurrency, is it or is it not a security? Why are some saying they aren’t securities? Why are
some saying they are?
– There is more than one definition for cryptocurrency (IRS, SEC, etc., all have a different definitions for it).
Does this create legal implications?
– What are the positives and negatives of cryptocurrency? What are people claiming the future outlook to be?- How big is cryptocurrency currently? 2500 crypto’s in the market worth trillions of dollars? Huge amounts of trading activity, huge impact on the market place? People underestimate how big the cryptocurrency market actually is.
– What is ERC-20. What are the elements of this standard and why has it become the standard. How was it
developed and why is it an important part of blockchain? Discuss similar tokens that work the same way.
– Issues related to international legal compliance
– Jurisdictional issues
– What countries have banned cryptocurrency. Why?
– Discuss blue sky laws, SEC, FinCEN, the federal trade commission, IRS etc., -how they play a role in
cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency related lawsuits. Because they all have different definitions for
cryptocurrency, what might be a problem with the IRS may not be a problem with SEC and vice versa.
– Is cryptocurrency legal tender or not?
– SEC 1934 and SEC 1933 Acts and new Acts that are emerging because of cryptocurrency-related securities
lawsuits, such as DCEA 2020
– Federal preemption
– SEC v. W.J. Howey Co.
4. Articles/writings by Securities and Exchange Commission may be helpful to utilize
5. Bernie Madoff may be interesting to talk about somewhere in the essay
6. Cryptocurrency is a new financial market and the amount of lawsuit filings in such a short period of time
have been unprecedented and are still on the rise. This case study essay is to explain top allegations/law
violations that courts have or are currently faced with in relation to cryptocurrency. The main legal issues and
challenges that the courts are faced with. What laws and regulations have and are continuing to be violated. What are the courts doing about it?
7. Utilize past cases as sources to support these topics above. However, there is no required/set amount of
sources/references needed. But this is a 35 page paper, so more sources, the better to support all ideas.
8. I should be able to easily locate all references and sources used.
Thank you!