Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic The Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline Project Project Management.

Hi, need to submit a 2250 words paper on the topic The Trans-Saharan Gas Pipeline Project Project Management. The Trans-Saharan gas pipeline (TGSP) is a project whose aim is to see Algeria and Nigeria team up in a bid to have a diversification of gas supplies to the European continent. Seen by many analysts as the most incredible venture in Africa, the two countries seek to connect the supply of natural gas at Algeria for further countries to benefit (Nwaoha and Wood 2014). Unknown to many people is that this project was first suggested in the 70s but it has encountered a myriad of challenges before its initiation.It was not until 2009 that ministers from the concerned countries met and agreed to have the project completed by 2015 (Seljom and Rosenberg 2011). However, this is yet to be achieved due to various hurdles standing in the way. Even though this was previously thought to be a Nigeria-Algeria affair, Niger could not be overlooked since the project had to pass through its territory. The projects scope will see it start from the Warri region- which is in Nigeria-, pass through Niger all the way to Hassi Rmel which is in Algeria.Once at Rmel, the project will then connect with the Trans-Mediterranean, Medgaz, Galsi and Maghreb pipelines that currently supply to many parts of Europe (Reymond 2007). In terms of length, the entire project is estimated to cover at least 4,128 km but for the Algerian part, which forms the basis of this Project initiation document, the scope is at 2,310 km. The objectives of this project include expanding the natural gas market to the European countries, solidify the relations among the involved parties and seeking to find an ending market for the gas product.In addition to having an improved economy, other benefits that will be evident from this project include the strengthened unity of the countries and employment opportunities for a significant number of Algerians. Natural gas is one of the most consumed commodities in not only Europe but also globally (Engerer and Horn 2010).&nbsp.The project deliverables for this undertaking will include a secured pipeline whereby the materials used shall comprise ductile iron and PVC pipes.&nbsp.