Hi, I need to do my formal lab report for BES 108 lab. This …


I need to do my formal lab report for BES 108 lab. This is about the Mycorrhizal Association experiment we did in our lab. We got quantitative measurements of shoot length for plants from different treatment. I attached that table here. We need to calculate Means, Variance, and Standard Deviation from that table. You have to use exel sheet for that. And we have to do the t – test also from that table. You should create a null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis for this.  null hypothesis- Using fungi is for plant growth is significantly effected. Alternative hypothesis-  Using fungi is for plant growth is not effected. You have to calculate the t- test also from that table. Finally you have to compare the calculated test statistics to the critical value and indicate whether the null hypothesis is rejected or sustained and talk about this in discussion part. I will attached the formal lab report guidelines and the data table . And I will attached the lab manual also if you need to get a idea. Please don’t do the plagiarism and please go through the guidelines .



please use the CSE  Name Year format for intext citations and reference please 

I will put the link here for my lab manual for further use