Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on relation…

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on relations between organizational culture, identity and image Paper must be at least 750 words. Please, no plagiarized work!

The conclusion the authors draw through this article is that all contemporary organizations need to set their organizational culture and thereby define their corporate identity. This process will result in creating an optimal bridge between the internal working environment of the organization and the external environment like the marketplace and other relevant environments. So, by analyzing the authors’ perspectives about organizational culture, this synopsis will discuss the importance of common and workable organizational culture, for the effective functioning of organizations.

The organization is a ‘structure’, in which a ‘collage’ of workers will do their allocated work under the supervision of a leader. This team of workers like the five different fingers in one’s hand will be different from one another having different characters, attitudes, education, background, etc, etc…and the unison of these different humans under a single organization to reach a target is, and will always be a difficult proposition. As these different humans could create a different organizational culture, the success rate will be minimal.

But, according to the authors, if a perfect, feasible, and important common organizational or working culture is ‘operationalized’, throughout the organization, the organization will be a success story. And, the ‘script’ for this success story can only be scripted, by an effective leader or a manager. The statements and actions of the managers simultaneously affect the image and identity of the organization (Hatch & Schultz, 1997). One of the important first tasks of a leader in an organization (both in a new organization and in an existing organization) is the creation of a Culture.

The authors Hatch and Schultz, point out that the creation of organizational culture is a complex process in which the organizations’ personalities, identities, and images should play a major role Organization’s personalities in the form of its leader and manager are the key persons. That is, the task of the leader is to create a working culture, embed the working culture in the working group and environment, sustain it and also rectify it when faults occur. Normally, Culture is created by the shared experiences of the group working, but it is the leader who initiates this process by imposing his or her beliefs, values, and assumptions at the outset.