Help With Home Work 6 Question Description Part 1 (discussion) This week we’ll continue ou …

Help With Home Work 6Question Description Part 1 (discussion) This week we’ll continue our discussion on PHR. As part of your discussion summary address one of following discussion topic items:

-How should the process work for accessing PHRs?
-What are the advantages/disadvantages of PHRs?
-Are there any implications on privacy, security, legality for PHRs?
-Who owns PHR data and what is the value?
-Other current topics and events on PHRs?

***Please be sure to include and cite your sources following best writing practices.***—————————————————————————————————————————–Part 2 (journal entry)complete your learning journal reflection by Thursday, June 6th.

Learning Journal Title: Chapter 5
Learning Journal Topics:

Patients and Patient Data

Model Process Step
Regression Node
Input -> Target
Regression (Simple vs. Multiple)
Regression Evaluation