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DQ 1:
This week we discuss the levels of care in the U.S. healthcare system. There are three delivery mode options. The delivery mode you will be discussing depends on the first initial of your last name. See the table below. 
Guided Responses: Those who are assigned to Delivery Mode 1 will respond to those who responded to Delivery Modes 2 and 3, Delivery Mode 2 will respond to those in Delivery Mode 1 and 3, and Delivery Mode 3 will respond to those in Delivery Modes 1 and 2. Review the six concerns listed in each of your classmates’ discussions. Select two concerns within each post and examine how stakeholders in their specific delivery mode might address two of them.
Students with last names starting with A–H are assigned to Delivery Mode 1—long-term care—throughout this discussion; submit rebuttals to each of the other modes.
Delivery Mode 1: Long-Term Care (last names A-H)Examine this mode of delivery and address the following elements in your discussion: