Hello, I have an essay due soon, it is based on my experienc…


I have an essay due soon, it is based on my experience with reading. I am going to paste the instructions is there any way I can get help and how long will it take?

Assignment: construct a literacy narrative, or a story, about yours and others’ experiences as a reader. Use the following questions as a starting point:

  • What are your earliest memories of reading or learning to read? Describe these memories in depth using the five senses when applicable: see, hear, touch, smell, taste.
  • If you remember the book you first read with parents, what was it called and what was it about?
  • Do you currently use more than one literacy? Literacies include spoken and written languages, electronic communication, body language, vocational languages, etc.
  • How have literacies shaped you into the adult version of yourself?

Ultimately, your narrative will make a point about reading and/or literacy. However, you probably won’t know what that point is until you begin the writing process-a process of discovery and exploration.Therefore, your thesis statement should suggest the thing or things which you have learned through the process. It should answer the following question: what is important about this conversation? And why? This is why many writers choose to develop their thesis statement last.

To support your thesis statement, your final draft should have an introduction with a clear thesis statement that communicates what you have learned and what is important about it. Your essay should also have fully-developed supporting paragraphs which provide the following kinds of evidence:

  • Your personal experiences;
  • Interviews from classmates about their own literacy experiences;
  • And short quotations from Graff and Rodriguez.

Other requirements: 3 to 5 pages in length, appropriately formatted to MLA style, double-spaced, and fully-developed paragraphs with an interesting title.