Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Unres…

Hello, I am looking for someone to write an article on Unresolved International Conflict. It needs to be at least 1500 words.

Many factors including, social, cultural, religious and political have played a vital role in the process to exist Kashmir dispute as an unresolved problem. In the shadow of a political crisis, there are some antisocial activities such as terrorism, fanaticism, and jihad (holy war) in the Kashmir region. Cases related to the violation of human rights have an integral role in the discussion, why Kashmir dispute became the oldest and unresolved international issue in the world? The people in Kashmir demand self-governance and many people believe that both India and Pakistan should a positive decision in this self-governance which may be a significant step in reducing the conflict.

Anyhow, the conflict between the world’s newest atomic powers resulted in severe security problems in the Indian subcontinent.Kashmir dispute has a rich historical background and it is not only a political issue between India and Pakistan but a last long crisis having various phases. Before the time of Indian independence, the state of Jammu Kashmir was ruled by Hari Singh, a Hindu ruler, and who tried to maintain his status as an independent. Because of the presence of the majority of Muslim people, some Pakistani leaders have argued that the Kashmir region belonged to Pakistan.

In 1947 Pakistan sent some tribal infiltrator to catch Kashmir and the Maharaja pleaded military aid for the Indian army. Maharaja had ignored the opposition of the native people and he signed the agreement of the Instrument of Accession with Indian Government. Historical studies expose that it is this event that resulted in the so-called turmoil of the people who settled in Jammu and Kashmir. While turning over the pages of history, it is quite observable that for many years the people of this region were seeking for their cultural identity.

The boundary problem between India and Pakistan paved the way for the unending crisis and it had affected not only the formation of the foreign policies of India and Pakistan but also various factors&nbsp.like demographic features, economic development, the polarization of national politics, military strategy and defense expenditure.