Healthcare Quality

250 Words

Topic 1- Suggest one specific change to our current healthcare system that could help make care delivery more efficient. Draw upon personal experiences (without divulging personal health information). Highlight the benefits and challenges associated with implementing the change.

Topic 2-Discuss the pros and cons of value based care and its impact on medical errors in healthcare. Are quality metrics and the tracking of quality metrics helping to reduce medical errors since the 1999 IOM Report? Consider whether the type of errors have changed due to automation and technology.

Topic 3-Do you think there are too many regulations governing the delivery of

healthcare? If so, which regulations would you propose to remove/reduce and why? If not, what

types of areas should be more regulated and why?

Topic 4-What groups of individuals traditionally lack access to healthcare in the United States and why? Should there be a right to health care? Should individual behavior (e.g., obesity or drug use) be a factor in determining whether public health insurance programs provide coverage?

Topic 5-Based upon your understanding of Medicare, if a person is of Medicare age and is enrolled in Medicare, does Medicare always pay for Medicare covered services? If not, provide 1 or 2 circumstances when Medicare is not the sole or primary payer for such services.

Topic 6-Incomplete or inaccurate medical records can raise many issues for a hospital or healthcare provider required to maintain medical records. In light of state licensing laws regarding medical records, accreditation regulations, CMS and hospital policies, to name a few, identify 3 risks for each of the following categories that could arise from incomplete or inaccurate medical records: a) clinical, b) financial, 3) quality.

Paper Assignment

Topic 2 Assignment- Identify one idea for healthcare innovation, its intended goal and whether it will have an impact on quality or patient care (positive or negative). 300-500 words.

Topic 3 Assignment- Do the benefits related to HIPAA and its protection of patient health information outweigh the expense and cost Healthcare providers incur to comply with HIPAA? (for example, should it be an all provider-fits-all set of requirements? Are all aspects of privacy and security needed? Should the regulations cap the dollar amounts that can be recovered?) Explain your position and why. 300-500 words.

Topic 5 Assignment- You are a hospital Chief Administration Officer. After a CMS survey revealed four patients received erroneous cancer diagnoses at your facility, the agency threatened to revoke the hospital’s Medicare contract. An amended survey report later found deficiencies in the laboratory affected at least 25 patients. Two patients underwent unneeded cancer treatment and three patients were wrongly told they did not have cancer, potentially delaying treatment.

Draft a memo to the hospital CEO outline the issues in the context of the Medicare Conditions of Participation. Identify whether the hospital is at risk of Medicare terminating its participation contract and suggested corrective action steps to mitigate risk going forward. (3-5 pages)

Topic 7 Assignment- A hospital lab had software installed on January 1, 2014. On December 31, 2019, the hospital determined that the software had a glitch that entered a lab administration fee twice onto claims sent to Medicare for payment (an extra $15 per claim). It fixed the glitch that same day. After reasonable inquiry, the hospital determined 2 million claims were impacted by the error. Is the overbilling by hospital due to the glitch considered a false claim under the Federal False Claims Act? Explain your answer. If there was a false claim, what is the maximum amount of fines and penalties the hospital may owe? Explain your answer. (3-5 pages)