he essay will be on the subject of how evolutionary biology can help us understa

he essay will be on the subject of how evolutionary biology can help us understand the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on our species.
First, find a popular news account related to the disease. Then, identify and critically analyze the primary literature on which the popular account is based. The primary paper should be in a drafted journal or possibly on a preprint server. 
Often important scientific advances are covered in the popular press, accessible for example via news web sites, like Google News (under Science), or web pages of magazines such as New Scientist or Scientific American.
Scientists sometimes issue press releases, which serve as the basis of these news stories. Other times, journalists find the stories themselves and write about them for a popular audience (of non-scientists). In either case, the claims made in the news stories sometimes misrepresent or exaggerate the findings of the actual scientific paper on which they are based.
So your task is to find the actual scientific paper, read it carefully, and evaluate whether the authors’ interpretations, as well as the message conveyed in the news story, are supported by the research findings. Try to be critical and do not accept researchers’ statements at face value. If there is something you disagree with, write about it. Then analyze whether the popular news account accurately communicates the research findings to the general public.
Note you must find an actual scientific paper (the “focal paper), in which a topic related to evolutionary views of the pandemic is introduced and some method (experimental, observational, or comparative) is used to collect and interpret data on this topic.
While you may wish to read other papers, including review papers related to your focal paper, you cannot use a review paper that describes other researchers’ findings as the basis for this essay.
While there are no strict page limits, depending on how concise you write your report (and scientists unlike researchers in the humanities and liberal arts tend to value concise writing), you can probably do a good job using between 4 and 10 pages.
Cite the paper that you review, and also cite other papers that you have read if you decide to mention them in your essay. Use the format for citing papers that you find in the paper about which you are writing (styles differ among different journals).
In your report, make sure you give a specific citation for the news article as well as the scientific study that it discusses. If you wish, you can append the story and article to your paper.