Great Expectations – Skilled Papers

The student will submit a final draft of the Great Expectations essay assignment.
Review: Assignment Details
The final draft of your Great Expectations essay is due today! Remember, you were asked to choose one of the following prompts to write about:
Miss Havisham: What is Miss Havisham’s role in the deception which she so willingly embraces? She allows Pip to believe something that is not true; however, she never actually lies to him. Why, or why not, is this equal to lying? What damage does this do?
Wemmick: Write a comparison/contrast essay about Wemmick’s home environment and his office environment. What are your conclusions about these two places? Is Dickens trying to tell the readers something here?
Jaggers: Jaggers and his entire household display a constant sense of gloom and doom. Did you notice that Jaggers washes his hands constantly? Jaggers is drawn to shady characters, partly because of his work and partly because he feels more comfortable in their presence. Even his housekeeper is wild and untamed. Draw some logical conclusions as to why Dickens portrayed Jaggers this way. How does all this information tie into what Jaggers does for a living?
Joe: Analyze Joe’s character arc over the entire novel. Does Joe seem to be a static or dynamic character? Does he seem to be aware that Pip is embarrassed by him? Why does Joe continue to care for and forgive Pip?
Your essay should follow these guidelines in order to receive full points:
Your essay should be 2–3 pages in length.
Include a 1-sentence introduction to the topic and claim (thesis) at the beginning of your paper, and a 1-sentence conclusion of the topic and claim at the end of your paper.
Include at least 2 direct quotations from the novel and 2 paraphrased examples from the novel to support your argument.