Govt 2306 Texas Government Question Description Question 1. Say the state of Texas wants t …

Govt 2306 Texas GovernmentQuestion Description Question 1. Say the state of Texas wants to legalize marijuana. Discuss three issues that it needs to consider regarding legalization. For full credit, you need to provide some form of Constitutional justification? (Supremacy Clause, Interstate Commerce, Police Powers, 10th Amendment) Question 2. Discuss four differences between the US Constitution and the Texas Constitution. For full credit, you must explain both sides.? Question 3. Please connect the part of the TX Constitution to the matching concept? 1 2 3 4 5 Establishes the Permanent University Fund 1 2 3 4 5 Powers and structure of the Legislature 1 2 3 4 5 Bill of Rights for Texas 1 2 3 4 5 Powers of the Texas government 1 2 3 4 5 All judges are elected in the state. 1. Article 7 of the Texas Constitution 2. Article 1 of the Texas Constitution 3. Article 2 of the Texas Constitution 4. Article 3 of the Texas Constitution 5. Article 4 of the Texas Constitution Question 1 The Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is the legal basis for Congress’s power to tax the states. federal intervention in states’ responsibilities. rights to privacy. freedom from unlawful searches. states’ authority to regulate on behalf of their citizens via “police powers.” Question 2 The Second Amendment to the US Constitution has often not been applied to states. Which recent case applied the second amendemnt to all people? 1) DC V Heller 2) Griswold V Connecticut. 3) Mapp V Ohio 4) Webber V Georgia Question 3 What is “pay as you go”? 1) How the Texas Governor is paid. 2) A provision on the Texas Constitution that does not allow Texas to borrow money for operating expenses. 3) Gives the Comptroller the power to raise taxes. 4) Gives voters the option to forgo paying for services they don’t use. Question 4 What is a big difference between the US Constitution and the Texas Constitution? 1) There is a focus on education in the Texas Constitution, but not in the US Constitution. 2) All offices in the US Constitution are appointed, but are elected in Texas. 3) The judges in the federal system are elected, but are appointed in Texas. 4) The US government may not go into debt, where as the Texas government can. Question 5 The way that people acquire beliefs, values, and habits of thought and action related to government, politics, and society is best described as which of the following? 1) political socialization 2) political culture 3) home life 4) higher education Question 6 Catholicism was the state religion in Mexico during the Texas Revolutionary period. 1) True 2) False. Question 7 What was the main criticism of the current Texas Constitution behind the Ratliff-Junell proposal for a new constitution? The constitution gave the executive branch too much power over the legislative process. The constitution allowed for too many corrupt interest groups to control Texas politics. The constitution was too old to be representative of modern people. The constitution did not give the government enough tools to deal with modern issues. The constitution was too easy to amend.
Question 8 What is a big difference between the Texas legislature and the US Congress? 1) Texas legislators are paid more than members of Congress. 2) Texas legislators meet more frequently than the US Congress. 3) Texas legislators meet every other year, Congress is almost always in session. 4) Only wealthy people can serve in Congress, but anyone can serve in the Texas legislature.
Question 9 Which of the following items did Texans adopt from the US Constitution? Bicameral legislature (2 Chambers) Checks and balances between branches A listing of rights and liberties All answers are correct.
Question 10 How often are members of the Texas House of Representatives elected? 1) 2 Years 2) 3 Years 3) 4 Years 4) 6 Years. Question 11 Article IV of the current Texas Constitution outlines how many executive offices? 1) more than five 2) four 3) three 4) nine
Question 12 The __________ subculture holds that government should interfere as little as possible in the private activities of its citizens while assuring that adequate public facilities and a favorable business climate are available to permit individuals to pursue their self-interests. 1) individualistic 2) moralistic 3) elitist 4) traditionalistic
Question 13 Which state has the longest Constitution in the United States? 1) Texas 2) Virginia 3) Alabama 4) Alaska
Question 14 Why did many Texans move away from the Democratic party in the modern era? 1) The Democrats started to focus on a civil rights platform. 2) The Democrats started to focus on farmer rights. 3) The Democrats wanted to cut taxes. 4) The Democrats wanted to cut spending on services.
Question 15 What is the process in which political parties shift their political platforms/values? 1) Reconstruction 2) Realignment 3) Reality Shift 4) Relativism
Question 16 Several scholars have commented that there are problems with the Texas Constitution, what is their chief concern? 1) The Texas Constitution hasn’t been amended enough. 2) The Texas Constitution is too specific and rigid, leading to many amendments. 3) The Texas Constitution doesn’t give the people enough power. 4) The Texas Constitution is writen in Spanish.
Question 17 By ______, all major statewide elected offices in Texas were controlled by Republicans. 1980 1988 1992 1996 2002
Question 18 T/F The Bill of Rights in the Texas Constitution comes first 1) True 2) False
Question 19 What year did the most recent Texas Constitution take effect? 1) 1945 2) 1860 3) 1876 4) 1861
Question 20 The executive branch of Texas can be described as… A plural executive A unitary executive A federal executive No answer is correct. Question 21 To prevent the state from deficit spending or borrowing money for operating expenses, the Texas Constitution mandates that Texas be a 1) “rags to riches” state. 2) “the buck stops here” state. 3) “pay as you go” state. 4) “first come, first served” state.
Question 22 What has been one important result of Texas’s unique balance between classical liberalism, social conservatism, and populism? 1) Texans have adopted a “low taxes, low services” approach to government. 2) Texas inescapably experiences a fiscal crisis every so often that requires tax increases to solve. 3) The political climate makes it impossible for the Democratic Party to gain significant power. 4) Ethnic minorities have been especially attracted to Texas for political reasons.
Question 23 The Texas Supreme Court justices are appointed by the Governor and confirmed by the Senate. 1) True 2) False
Question 24 Your textbook discusses several ideologies that make up the cultural landscape of Texas. Which of the following is NOT one of the major ideologies? 1) social conservationism. 2) populism 3) classical liberalism / libertarian ism 4) left liberalism
Question 25 The governor of Texas is the most powerful in the 50 states. 1) True 2) False Question 26
The Republic of Texas Constitution looked very similar to the US Constitution? Why? 1) Texas wanted to make it easy to enter the Union. 2) It was the closest model of a “democratic republic” to the Texas. 3) Both nations were founded on similar values of separation of powers and individual rights. 4) All of the answers.
Question 27 Which political party is most associated with social conservatism? 1) the Republican Party 2) the Democratic Party 3) the Libertarian Party 4) the Green Party
Question 28 Before the Sixteenth Amendment allowed the federal government to tax an individual’s income, federal revenue came primarily from funding requests submitted to each state. tariffs assessed on imported goods. property taxes paid by individuals. corporate income taxes. corporate property taxes.
Question 29 What interests dominated the Constitutional Convention of 1875? 1) business elite interests 2) agricultural interests 3) urban interests 4) education interests
Question 30 Which political party dominated Texas politics until the 1990’s? 1) Democrats 2) Republicans 3) Whig 4) Libertarians Question 31 What is the largest religious group in Texas? 1) Catholics 2) Methodists 3) Baptists 4) other Christian demonstrations 5) other religious like Islam
Question 32 Which of the policies below are tied to a social conservative ideology? 1) Sunday closing laws, where business were not allowed to operate on Sunday. 2) low taxes 3) low business regulations 4) recognition for same sex marriage
Question 33 Which of the following is NOT a similarity between the Texas colonists and the colonists of the 13 Colonies of the Americas. see Notes 1) Both colonists faced increasingly oppressive restrictions from their parent country. 2) Both colonists enjoyed “home rule” with little interference from their parent country. 3) Both colonists would have been happy to stay a member of their parent country if their complaints had been addressed. 4) Both colonists had unfair taxes imposed.
Question 34 Which industry is most closely tied to the funding of Texas higher education? 1) Banking 2) Oil and Energy 3) Fishing 4) Small Businesses / Retail
Question 35 The existence of the three branches of government, each responsible for a different primary governing function, is the implementation of the foundation organizational structure called 1) representative democracy 2) separation of powers 3) judicial review 4) federalism
Question 36 Which part of the Texas government is most powerful? 1) Governor’s office 2) Legislature 3) Courts 4) Comptroller’s office
Question 37 Classical liberalism…. 1) believes that the best goverment is one that governs the least. 2) that government should actively get involved in the economy. 3) the rights of a few elites are important. 4) regulating business is a good thing.
Question 38 What does the Comptroller do? 1) Sets the budget limit. 2) Manages day to day state finances. 3) Recieved all taxes. 4) All of the above.
Question 39 What policy went into effect on public college campuses in Texas on August 1? 1) Students will be able to carry concealed weapons. 2) Students will be able to carry firearms openly. 3) Students will be able to have free health care. 4) Students will be able to go to school for free?
Question 40 Why did Sam Houston come to Texas? 1) To work towards the annexation of Texas for President Andrew Jackson. 2) To gain a political office. 3) To fight in the Mexican revolution. 4) To work for Native American rights in Texas.