Go to this web site: https://biomanbio.com/HTML5GamesandLabs/Physiogames/endocri

Go to this web site: https://biomanbio.com/HTML5GamesandLabs/Physiogames/endocrine_edhtml5page.html
You will be playing the Endocrine Ed games.
Double Click Start a New Game.
You will proceed through: (you need to double click each)
Hormones and Feedback
Adrenaline and Stress
Melatonin and Sleep
Blood Sugar Hormones
Take the Fun Quiz
And finally, take a screenshot or picture of your score sheet and upload as well as a document with answers to the following questions:
1. Describe Negative Feedback
2. What would happen to hormone levels if there was no negative feedback?
3. How does adrenaline regulate the stress response?
4. How does melatonin work? How might cell phones interfere with melatonin production? Are there any studies on this? How could you find out more?
5. How do insulin and glucagon interact to regulate blood sugar?
6. What could someone do if they find out that their blood sugar levels are high?