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Forum W5d DiscussionQuestion Description Part One While building a case file, it is important for the case manager to refer the client for a medical examination.Consider the multicultural perspective while reading this line from your textbook: “For many individuals, the medical establishment represents a place where they have little knowledge, no power or authority, or previous difficult experiences.” (Woodside, 2013, p. 247)

Read about the U.S. Public Health Service Syphilis Study at Tuskegee. Then, watch this video about Lawrence McCrae.Illustrate how this material is related. Why is the multicultural perspective so important to case managers?Propose another example of a possible reason a group of people may be wary of the medical establishment. How would you, as the case manager, address the concerns of your client in this situation?

there are many different approaches to treating addiction. Two of the most widely known models of treatment include abstinence-based and harm reduction approaches. The harm reduction approach is gaining more popularity with the rise of the opioid epidemic and is based on the idea that ensuring the safety of patients does not necessarily require full sobriety. To begin, read the articles provided in the weblinks below:Harm reduction: An approach to reducing risky health behaviors in adolescentsThe Move Away from Abstinence Based Addiction TreatmentThen, in your initial post, please address the following prompts:Identify and describe the differences between the abstinence-based and harm reduction approaches. Explain which approach you believe is most effective in treating addiction.Finally, detail what factors you believe should be considered when determining which approach to recommend for a patient.

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