Format: Typed, Double-spaced, APA style, with a cover page (and references page,

Format: Typed, Double-spaced, APA style, with a cover page (and references page, citing at least the textbook)
1. Start your paper off with a short introductory paragraph
2. In the first part of your paper, I would like you to answer the following questions:
a. Do you think leaders are born or made? Why? Provide some examples. Are there elements of the trait approach that you agree with?
b. Why do you think some people want to believe that good leadership is a genetic predisposed?
c. How do you think the Situational, Functional, and Skills-based approaches add to our understanding of leadership?
d. Provide some insight on your view on the Relational Approach, specifically by discussing LMX Theory.
3. In the second part of the paper, discuss the scores that you earned on each of the following self-assessments. How does this score reflect your own perspective on your leadership qualities and abilities. Are you satisfied with your assessment? How do you think each of these scores helps to define you, as a leader:
a. Motivation to Lead – Page 79
b. Leader-Member Exchange (LMX-7) – Page 97
c. Transformational Leadership Scale – Page 109
Make sure to include some detail in your responses and your understanding of each of these concepts.
4. Next, describe how you think transformational, charismatic, and authentic leadership are similar and different. Provide some examples of actual leaders to illustrate your points.
5. Finally, I would like you to develop a personal vision statement. To do so, use the self-assessment on pages 120-121 (box 4.4). What is your vision statement? Once you have completed that, answer this question: “How can learning what is important to us (as well as to others) help organizations operate more effectively?”
6. End your paper with a brief conclusion commenting briefly on how you think the course went for you during Week 2.
7. Your paper will most likely be between 2 – 3 pages of text (not including a cover page and a references page). Submit your reflection electronically by the date/time indicated.