For the Short Film Rubric Click Here: Short Film Rubric

I am so excited to hear about all of your wonderful filmmaking ideas! There are a couple of keys to making a really good film for this final project:

  • ENJOY. Seriously. This doesn’t mean it has to be a “fun” or “funny” film. It means to tell a story that you really want to tell. Share something that you personally are interested in and want to explore.
    • Enjoy the process. You probably don’t have too many other films to make this semester. Use this opportunity to explore new things, and to NOT be worried about remembering or KNOWING anything. Just explore explore explore, try new things, and have fun with expressing yourself.
    • Use this creative opportunity to relieve your stress, not to contribute to your stress.
    • Know that there is no right or wrong here. Just do. In your paperwork, explain in detail what you did and what it made you think of. What the experience gave to you, and how you have been affected by it.
  • MOVING PICTURES!!! Be SURE to utilize the storytelling features that are most powerful for film: images. Tell your story with pictures, editing, cinematography, etc!  Do not simply turn on the camera and turn it off. Make the shots tell a story – as if there is NO sound, but then of course add sound.
  • Do not try to be perfect. Do the best job you can.
  • SAVE your film as you go. I ALWAYS “save as” multiple times so that I have a “reset” place to always return to in case I make a giant mistake. So I will save as “Film 1” then save as “Film 2” then save as “Film 3” so that I always have a safe return-to spot.
    • If you haven’t made a film before, know that you will save your project (many times) but then you will EXPORT it to a format that will allow people to view it. Also, note that you will have to have it in the correct format to submit it to YouTube, so look into that!
  • You can get free music to use for your film from and other sources.
  • Here is a list of free video editing software:
  • Google your Questions! If you are using iMovie and want to know how to create a title page, or credits at the end, then google “how to make movie credits in iMovie” and you will most likely find your answers. There was a question about making subtitles for a film: Google It!!  🙂
  • Examples of past movies submitted for this class:
    • Documentaries about:
      • Family Life
      • Autobiographical movie: How I got to Here
      • Biography of someone you admire or know
      • Instructional or How-To video
    • Fictional Movie – sky is the limit here.
      • EMploy your friends and family.
      • Employ your pets or stuffed animals
      • use sock puppets.
      • Improvise scenes, and fit them together through the editing process.
      • Write out a movie and try to film what you wrote.
      • Murder mystery that took place at school.
      • A Martial Arts Baby Saves the Day.
    • Experimental film – exploring and experimenting with movie-making techniques, sound, editing, that provide a feeling, or a sensation, but not necessarily a story.
    • Stop motion animation