Food and Safety Assignment

Answer the following six questions. Responses should be between 300 and 600 words for each set of questions.

As a food service professional, how would you determine evidence of a foodborne illness outbreak? Should we identify potential hazards to food safety?
What are some associated costs with outbreaks? Where can we find out more information to prevent this from affecting our establishment?
Certain people (demographics) may be affected stronger, or be in high risk for acquiring a foodborne illness. Please identify all people that fall in this category and why they are part of this list.
What does FAT TOM stand for? What are some of the factors that allow food microorganisms to grow?
What are the four types of pathogens that are a threat to our industry and are major causes of foodborne illnesses?
Toxins are a major part of thatthreatensignificantsignificante overall foodborne illness situation. What are some common ones that we should be aware of and why?