First highlighted question:- Many Chinese have a very nar…

 First highlighted question:-    Many Chinese have a very narrow view of china, restricted by their own limited experience of the country beyond their native area and by the prejudices of nation pride

second highlighted question:- The east is a university in which the scholar never take his degree. it is a temple where the suppliant adores but never catches sight of the object of his devotion. it is a journey the goal of which is always in sight but never attained.

(choice one highlighted question and respond to all 4 questions) 

In the reading, there are two highlighted  (in green) views about China. Please select one of them and answer the following questions.

(1) Please explain what does the author or Curzon means by this highlighted views. Use examples to illustrate if necessary.

(2) To what extent, do you agree or disagree with the highlighted views. 

(3) Please use examples of your own country to explain whether these happen in your country.

(4) Please respond to at least one student’s post.