finds at least an ebp article related to the chosen condition.

Uses the internet to find the news or reports of a communicable disease in a specific community (locally, nationally, or globally). It does not need to be an outbreak. Any communicable disease taken place in the past 7 years is acceptable.
Finds at least an EBP article related to the chosen condition. An EBP citation/reference (e.g., peer-reviewed article, CDC MMWR, EBP Guidelines from a professional organization) should be within 7 years unless it is a rare disease.
Must include at least 2 correctly cited references.
In no more than 50 words, apply the Epidemiological Triad or Web of Causation for the condition. Specify which are the agent, host (potential intrinsic factors), and environment (potential extrinsic factors).
Environmental factors:____________________________________________
In 200 words, apply the evidence-based practice to the assessment, planning, implementation, and evaluation of community health interventions in this case (discuss how you would assess, intervene, and evaluate the patient or the community as a whole).