Financial Statement Analysis

Your completed project should include:

Two completed tables, one that contains the data necessary to compute the ratios and another

with the ratios themselves. These tables are shown below.

A brief (1-2 page single spaced) evaluation of your company’s financial ratios, comprising

the following four sections:

Section I—A brief (1-3 sentences) summary of your company’s business and the

economic environment in which it operates.

Section II — A brief evaluation over time of your company’s:

– Return on equity (ROE),

– DuPont ratio components (profitability, efficiency and leverage), and

– LT Debt-to-Assets ratio

Section III —A brief evaluation over time of your company’s:

– Cash conversion cycle

– Liquidity

Section IV — A brief (e.g., 1-2 sentence) description of the overall ratio trend and what it

implies for current and future financial performance.