Final Report 1 Question Description LP5 – FinalProjectFORD COMPANYPart ERequirements:Answe …

Final Report 1Question Description LP5 – FinalProjectFORD COMPANY
Part E
Requirements:Answerthe following questions and write your final report.

Step 1:Isthe company maximizing the wealth of its shareholders?  If not, what canthey do to achieve this result?  

Step 2:Inthe LP5 discussion dedicated to the financial statement analysis project, shareyour tentative conclusions about whether or not the company is maximizing thewealth of shareholders with your classmates. Provide support for your answer.

Step 3:Reviewyour calculations and analysis of the following 6 ratios and financialmeasures: Current Ratio, Debt/Equity Ratio, Return on Investment, Earnings perShare, Profit Margin and Free Cash Flow  If you have any questions, postthem in the discussion forum.

Step 4:Concludeyour analysis with other observations on the firm and whether your analysisdiffers from other analyses that are available.  Indicate if there is anyother measure you would want in order to make an investment recommendation. Youmay also share your thoughts with your classmates using the LP5 discussionforum.

Step 5:Makean Investment Recommendation.  Assume you have been asked by an investor,age 35, who wishes to invest in conservative stocks that will provide someincome now but is mainly interested in growth over the next ten (10) years.Begin your final project essay with an investment recommendation to thisinvestor and support it with solid financial analysis.  Your report shouldinclude your conclusions related to each of the five parts of this financialstatement analysis project. You should conclude with a statement on whether ornot Ford would meet this investor’s investment goals. Your essay should be in 2,000 to 2,500 word, written in APA style, and cite any yoursources you used both in the body of the paper and in a reference list found atthe end of the paper.