Final Project Financial Company Analysis Question Description Please complete week 4 and 7 …

Final Project Financial Company AnalysisQuestion Description Please complete week 4 and 7.Week 4 draft: Students are to submit a draft by Day 7 of Week 4. For full credit, the draft must indicate significant progress on the following items: a. Draft of company description b. Draft of trend assessment of the company financial statements c. Ratio analysis 80% complete, prepared using Excel d. Draft of the written ratio and trend analysis

Instructor will return project w/ feedback to student via Bb. This is also a graded assignment.

Project deliverable Week 7 details:

a. Financial analysis Word file is to be a maximum 9 pages in length, not including a cover page and supporting reference appendices. b. Paper format: APA required c. Supporting financial data prepared using Excel and embedded into the Word file. d. Students may include additional reference materials such as financial statements. e. Students are not to copy and paste financial statements or other materials directly from the web into their analysis (Word) file. f. Reference page includes all references sited, APA format for references.