FINAL – PowerPoint Presentation Your final will consist of a PowerPoint presenta

FINAL – PowerPoint Presentation
Your final will consist of a PowerPoint presentation in the form of a 5-10 min video presentation on Marriage. Each issue should be based on later adulthood as defined in the text.
You are to create your presentation as if you are a Social Worker or Helping Professional who is slated to present at a conference/seminar in order to educate, raise awareness and advocate for change on your adolescent issue.
You must have a title slide, minimum of 4-5 slides per numbered section below (in blue), followed by a reference slide. There should be a total minimum of 14 slides. Make sure you use in-text citations in APA format for your slides just as you would with a paper.
Since this is your Final and is worth 125 points, I am looking for maximum effort. I want to be educated, informed, and engaged!
Resources should be not be more than 8 years old. Your textbook and professional journal articles from Troy library are appropriate to use and encouraged. Your resources should NOT consist of ONLY web sites. Web sites utilized can only come from .org or .gov sites.
1) Title Slide – 3 points
2) Define the Issue – 30 points
(a) What is the issue?
(b) Who is impacted?
(c) Stats/data surrounding your issue; prevalence
3) What are the impacts? (physical, social, mental, emotional, occupational, financial, etc.) – 30 points
4) What actions need to be taken to create positive change? – 30 points
(a) Be specific
(b) Education, resources (phone numbers, organization, web sites, etc.), awareness
(c) May include current info/resources available
(d) May outline plan/need for resources to be created if lacking
5) Reference Slide & APA Format (Ref pg & In-text citations on the slides) – 7 points
6) Presentation (Order, flow, confidence level, knowledgebase, educational information, and the ability to bring new information not already on the slide show) -25 points
Tips & Pointers – do not simply clump all of your information in one paragraph and slap it on a slide. Chunk up the information in an organized format with key highlights. I like pictures as it relates to the slides, but it is not necessary for every slide. Please include information NOT found on the slides because adds to your topic/presentation–DO NOT READ THE SLIDES TO ME.
Remember that this should be a professional presentation! What would you do to capture the audience’s interest?