FINAL PAPER (#3) I. Human Development – Paper #3 – FINAL Over the

I. Human Development – Paper #3 – FINAL
Over the past few weeks we have read and discussed topics as they relate to the development of the whole child and how the successful completion of stages of development such as Erikson’s Inferiority vs. Industry stage and others provide a baseline for how we determine a healthy adult.
We have seen that there are many factors that contribute to growing into a healthy adult and in this research/opinion paper, you are to identify and discuss these factors.
You are answering the question: How Do We Grow A Healthy Emerging Adult?
Factors to include in your discussion/analysis ( choose 4 to discuss)
Gender differences & stereotypes
Transgender, Gay, Cisgender LGBTQIA+ in middle childhood
Economic standing: poverty, hunger, inequities in education
Parental influences: supportive, negative, absence of
Peer pressure: sexuality, appearance
Achievement: access to learning, early childhood education
Diversity: exposure to other cultures
Prejudice: discrimination
Mental health issues: depression, anxiety
Siblings: positive, negative influences
1- APA or MLA style.
2- 5 -6 pages including reference page.
3- Use a minimum of (3) sources including the textbook, assigned videos
4- Identify the topics you are writing about, i.e.
5- textbook:
1.-Controversy of Intelligence:

2-A New Theory of Human Intelligence

Chapter 7 Emerging and Early Adulthood
Emerging Adulthood: A new feature of the 21st century…….

Chapter 8: Middle Adulthood
Why We Should Embrace Aging?