Final Essay Start Assignment Due Thursday by 11:59pm Points 90 Submitting a file

Final Essay
Start Assignment
Due Thursday by 11:59pm Points 90 Submitting a file upload File Types pdf and docx Available Jan 10 at 12pm – May 19 at 11:59pm 4 months
Essay Requirements:
Your 90-point final essay is due Thursday, May 19th by 11:59pm and will be a based on a chapter reading (or readings) of your choice. The 5-page essay will ask students to identify, define, and apply major sociological concepts and theoretical perspectives to real world scenarios or situations. Three external sources (journal article, website content, film, etc.) must be used for the essay, as well as the class textbook
(Links to an external site.)
. The textbook does not count as an external source. A list of external sources can be found on the Canvas Modules for Week 17: “Final Essay Resources.”
Students are expected to complete one final essay that relates key concepts discussed in the chapter and/or chapters of their choosing in Canvas. A digital copy must be uploaded to Canvas by the specified due date. Failure to submit the final essay on the specified due date will result in the student writing an essay for partial credit.
Late Work:
A 5-point deduction applied each day the essay is submitted late if:
student has not conducted prior communication with instructor regarding reason for late submission
student has not provided a hospital and/or medical note verifying reason for late submission.
Essay Guidelines:
Minimum of 5 pages (excluding reference page).
Must provide scholarly in-text citation (that is the parenthetical citation that refers to the textbook or other scholarly/peer-reviewed sources) along with a Works Cited page (reference page) at end of essay.
Use Times New Roman font, size twelve, one-inch page margins, and double spaced lines when typing your essay.
Follow the essay rubric at the bottom of this page.
Essay should be formatted according to APA 6th edition, MLA format, or any other format.
Sources and information about MLA format can be found here:
http://Purdue University: MLA Formatting and Style Guide
Note on File Submissions and Late Work:
Upload either a Microsoft Word (.docx) or PDF (.pdf) document for final essay. Any other formatted file submissions (such as a “.pages” file) will be subject to receiving a zero.
Sharing a Microsoft Word or Google docs file with the instructor via email will be subject to receiving partial credit (5-point deduction).
If encountering internet or file uploading issues, handwrite essay on wide-ruled paper. An image of hardcopy can be sent to me via Canvas Inbox before the deadline.
Each day (24-hour time period) the essay is submitted late, 5 points will be deducted from overall essay grade.