exercise – Skilled Papers

This is an assignment; do not use citations or references in your work or on a separate page.
1. Using the content and format guidelines in the attachment, “SSI 250 Spot Reports” write a one page Spot Report on a current, historical, or fictional event of your choosing.
2. Many Peace Corps posts have a Duty Officer system for receiving after-hours emergency calls from Peace Corps Volunteers. Create a one-page checklist of the steps you think a Duty Officer might follow and things they might ask or say when receiving a call from a Peace Corps Volunteer who has just been a victim of a crime.
Acronyms and definitions
PCSSO Peace Corps Safety and Security Officer. This is another term for Security Specialist (Overseas). In other words, you if you are selected for this position.
OSS Office of Safety and Security. The Office you would report to in this position.
Post A Peace Corps overseas operation in a given country – including the office, staff and Volunteers assigned there.
Region All Peace Corps posts are divided into one of three Regions that operate as separate offices and staff: Africa (AF); Europe, Mediterranean, and Asia (EMA); and Inter-America and the Pacific (IAP).
RSA Regional Security Advisor. Another safety and security support position. Peace Corps has three of these positions, each reporting to their respective Regions.
PCV Peace Corps Volunteer
HQ Peace Corps Headquarters, Washington, DC.