Enterprise Architecture 2

Enterprise Architecture 2 – First Class Essay

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Worth: This assignment is worth 30% of your final grade

Submission instructions: You should submit your assignment using the ICT301 LMS site. You can receive email notification that your assignment has been received. Late submissions will be penalised at the rate of 5 marks per day late or part thereof unless prior approval for an extension has been gained.You should submit your assignment as a one word-processed document. So your work doesn’t get mixed up with others’, use a filename which follows the convention: Unit Code, Assignment Number, the first three characters of your last name, your first initial and your Student Number. e.g. ICT301Assign1ChoJ12345678 for student Jun Chong. You must keep a copy of the final version of your submission and be prepared to provide it on request.The University treats plagiarism, collusion, theft of other students’ work and other forms of dishonesty in assessment seriously. This is an INDIVIDUAL assignment. For guidelines on honesty in assessment including avoiding plagiarism see http://our.murdoch.edu.au/Educational-technologies/Academic-integrity/This assignment is worth 30% of your total mark for the unit.In this assignment, you will write an Enterprise Architecture Management Plan for any enterprise[footnoteRef:1] that you are interested in. In other words, assume that you are an Enterprise Architect for a certain enterprise and your job is to create an EA for this enterprise. [1: Please refer to the definition of enterprise on page 31.]Part 1: EA Management plan (25%)Your management plan should follow the structure shown in Figure 9-2 (page 183) of the textbook:Introduction (10%) – Introduce the enterprise, and state the purpose of the reportPart 1. (25%) EA Program Management1.1 Governance and Principles1.2 Support for Strategy and Business1.3 EA Roles and Responsibilities1.4 EA Program Budget1.5 EA Program Performance MeasuresPart 2. (35%) EA Current Architecture Summary2.1 Strategic Goals and Initiatives2.2 Business Services and Information2.3 Systems and applications2.4 Technology Infrastructure2.5 IT Security2.6 EA Standards2.7 Workforce RequirementsPart 3. (25%) EA Future Architecture Summary3.1 Future Operation Scenarios3.2 Planning Assumptions3.3 Updating Current & Future Views3.4 Sequencing Plan3.5 Configuration ManagementPart 4. (5%) EA Glossary and ReferencesWhile there is no specified length for this report, I would expect it to be around 5000 words, not including references.The preferred style for this report is Chicago. Please see http://libguides.murdoch.edu.au/Chicago. If you would prefer to use a different style, please discuss it with the unit coordinator.Submission: Each group will make a single submission using LMS.Group Creation: The groups usually have about 3 members. You will need to advise your lecturer of the names and student numbers of the members of your group. People not in groups by then will be allocated to a group.Marking Policy: Marks will be allocated equally to all members of the group. If there is conflict within the group, the Unit Coordinator should be informed without delay. All efforts will be made to resolve the conflict. If the conflict is not immediately resolved, the Unit Coordinator will decide on a resolution in consultation with the group members.Some guidelines / hints:1) You may not follow the structure strictly, as long as you cover the main content in each part. For example, you can add additional sub-sections, combine two sub-sections, etc.2) You can use the enterprise which you worked in before, which you are working in, or which you are familiar with to finish this assignment 2. You can also use online content of a certain enterprise and develop the EA management plan for that enterprise, as long as the content that you find include its strategies (part 1), goals and business (processes) (for part 2). You can then develop other parts based on your judgements. The main purpose of this assignment is to let you get familiar with the structure of the EA management plan.3) You are also encouraged to find cases online. If you can find a good one, there are two cases posted LMS which you can use. One is the Chubb case from Topic 4; the other is the Cisco case from Topic 10.NOTE: Plagiarism is not acceptable. Your submitted assignment will be checked by Urkund for plagiarism.PART 2 (5%)Each student will do a 15 minute presentation of the main ideas of their report that will be supported by a short PowerPoint (or similar) presentation.Assessment rubric:Content of the talk – Did the speaker(s)· Explain the purpose of the presentation well· Give relevant background material· Explain concepts in a clear way· Have clear conclusionsStructure of the talk – Did the speaker· Split the talk into appropriate sections of appropriate length· Stick to the recommended time (