ENGL 685 Corpus Linguistics for Language Research and Teaching: Coursework Assignment

ENGL 685 Corpus Linguistics for Language Research and Teaching: Coursework Assignment

The assignment requires you to conduct research replicating a previous corpus linguistic study in an area of English which interests you and which is relevant to your teaching or research context. You must agree the topic with me before you start. Replicating a previous study means you re-use or adapt the original research questions, methodology, and data analysis procedures, but use different, e.g. more recent or more relevant, corpus data we have looked at on the module, and connect to more recent research literature. You must not collect any data from human participants, e.g. student essays, for this assignment. 

When connecting your study to the recent relevant research literature more credit will be given to material quoted from primary sources (information taken directly from the author of the source you read) such as Corpora or the International Journal of Corpus Linguistics that we have seen on the module. If you use secondary sources (information taken from an author of a source who quotes another source that you have not read) include full details so that it is clear which author you read. The number of references to include is your decision. Less credit will be given to material quoted, either primarily or secondarily, from poor quality for-profit open-access journals published by obscure organisations. 

Include a reference list according to the APA formatting convention at the end of your answer. You should write between 2,700 and 3,300 words. State the number of words in your answer, excluding words in the list of references or words in tables or in examples, and insert page numbers. Submit an electronic copy, through the link provided by SotA Student Experience, on Canvas by the deadline on Monday 19 July. 

Suggested Organisation

Your assignment can follow the organisation of the original paper, and/or can use the following sections:

Introduction and Relevance to You; Previous Research/Research Questions; Procedure & Data; Results Significance of the Findings; Limitations; Conclusion