EACH OF TWO PARTS NEEDS TO BE 2 1/2 PAGES, these are 2 SEPARATE Questions/Prompt

EACH OF TWO PARTS NEEDS TO BE 2 1/2 PAGES, these are 2 SEPARATE Questions/Prompts
2 sources on each part should be fine
5 pages total, and the sources on a separate page after the 2 prompts at the very end
1. In the Presidential election, it was the only the second time since public opinion polls have been used by political scientists that they did not correctly predict the outcome.
PROMPT 1: Using Columbia University’s Socialogical Modification theory, apply the issues of religion (just a couple of examples), region (urban/suburban/rural), and SES (poor, middle class, and rich) to explain how President
Trump did in comparison to Hillary Clinton. Be sure to clearly define any abstract concepts introduced.
2. While most agree that our political party system is a prominent institution in the American political landscape, there
is much disagreement of its relative influence in comparison to the past.
Prompt 2: Take current events/developments in our political system and explain THREE reasons why political
parties have stregthened OR decreased in power. Be sure to define abstract concepts and to provide recent
Side Notes/Details: 12 point font, Times New Roman, 1 inch margins, preferebly about 2 paragraphs per page,