During the time period of this course – January 10-April 29 …

During the time period of this course – January 10-April 29 – you will physically attend (or virtually on a live stream, not recorded!) a live jazz or blues concert on your own. Concerts you previously attended, and those on YouTube or via a recording, are not acceptable.  You must look for live jazz happening in your area, find out where/when the concert is happening, and attend it all on your own.  This will take planning on your part. Assignment Type: IndividualSubmission Method: Discussion Board (Public forum) Please Include in Your Report: 

  • Name of band
  • Instrumentation
  • Date of performance
  • Location of performance
  • Titles of some tunes/pieces played (if announced)
  • Musical style(s) represented
  • List specific techniques used (give as many as possible)
  • How do(es) the performer(s) use the elements of music (melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre, texture, form, and the expressive elements)?
  • Compare this performance to the exemplary models we have discussed, or heard, in the course. How are they similar or different?
  • Critique the performers’ use of dynamics, tempo, and articulation.
  • What did you expect to hear and how did it differ in reality?

Write about a page describing your reactions to the music. Some topics you might comment on could include the quality (tightness or lack thereof) of the ensemble playing and/or the quality of the soloists and the influence they seem to suggest. Remember, the sound is important not the visual appearance, unless that or other external factors significantly affected the performance. Write as much as you can.