Don’t forget this component. – Skilled Papers

This is a case study analysis argumentative essay. Citation should be in MLA citation, no plagiarism at all. Include a citation page. The paper must include the major argument point from the case study. Write a two page, single-spaced response to the question above. Structure your paper to include a short summary (could be one sentence) of the most salient facts and then an analysis that takes a stand on whether the investment was inspired or misguided. You don’t have to use every possible argument, use the most powerful ones.
You must present at least one argument from the opposing viewpoint. After presenting the opposing argument, explain why it is not as strong as it might appear. Don’t forget this component. There are a significant number of points in the rubric for this. Also include at least two major informations that support your position on the topic from the reading on “The common good” (file attached below).