Name of student Student ID number Date of entry to course Confirmed date for submission of dissertation Name of supervisor Title of dissertation The Impact of Digital Learning on Students’ Motivation and Effective Performance in China Universities[FV1] Briefly outline your research proposal. Introduction Chinese education attracts pupils and turns them into brain creators, which supports key strengths. Different studies have been investigated in which the use of Internet learning provides students with different learning methods, but this reduces student access to personal motivation and time management (Wang et al. 2009). The integration of technology into the education system has a good performance impact. Teachers may not distract from their teaching responsibility but use technology as a tool for interaction (Cheung and Huang 2005). University technological development has enhanced students’ willingness to learn and understand technological innovation as a tool for learning. Studies indicated that the technology installation is not necessarily integrated with education in the classroom. Its integration, however, has brought challenges to its execution. The study will therefore examine the motivation and effective performance of students in China’s universities as a result of digital learning. The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of digital learning on students’ motivation and effective performance in China Universities. The research questions: 1. To what extent has digital learning has impacted students’ motivation and effective performance in China Universities? 2. How has Digital learning had motivated students in their learning session? 3. To what extent has computer-based learning influenced students’ performance in China Universities?   ……University of Nottingham Disclosure and Barring Service clearance Ethics form submitted? To be completed by supervisor:     Proposal approved by supervisor?                                               The supervisor will send the approved Form B from his/her University email account as proof of approval

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 [FV1]I would hesitate to talk about “the impact of” – as such strong formulations would call for experimental studies or at least longitudinal ones. Suggested formulation:

Chinese University Students’ perception of how Digital Learning changes their Motivation and Performance