Discussion Thread: Observations and Implications of Recidivism

Please see attached instructions for the discussion board. Required 250 words, answering the below questions, and adding a Christian worldview. APA 7 format, do not use the first person, and please write from an unbiased political opinion. Need two (2) scholarly cites.
Please use the attached articles as references and another source if needed (please cite all information added to the paper).
Questions to be answered after reading attached articles:
After reading Chapter 6 of the Mosher textbook,
1- discuss how the process of measuring recidivism can impact the evaluation effectiveness of corrections policies.
After reading the article “The Revolving Door at the Prison Gate” by Padfield and Maruna,
2- discuss any areas of research bias and any observed areas of less substantive research.
3- Where did you find these elements?
4- What were they?