develop a better understanding

Objectives: • to develop a better understanding of a text and its ability to present explicit and implicit arguments to its intended audience • to identify and analyze the components of an argument • to discover the assumptions/implications of an argument • to select and arrange details appropriate to your analysis • to direct your essay toward a specific argument of its ownDescription of assignment: • Write a 3 page (double spaced) critical analysis essay that closely examines a current print magazine advertisement (containing image and text). NOTE: I must aaprove the ad in advance. • Your essay should follow the format for a 5 paragraph academic essay (as explained I discussed in class). • Provide a clear thesis statement in which you make a critical claim about the ad’s rhetoric (i.e. its use of persuasive appeals and devices). Initait, TAQAA ‘tit4 (I i’A/1 e4 You can but don’t have to use the followin nest on for consideration tohet