Cultural psychology concerns itself with the significant links or connections th

Cultural psychology concerns itself with the significant links or connections that there are between the psychology of individuals within a culture and their psychology. Cultural psychology emphasizes the relevance of human behavior to understanding the psychology of the individual if only the sociocultural setting and context in which the behavior occurs. One good instance of this is the way religious views about extramarital activities shape the behavior and the attitudes of married people in a given religion or country.
In a nutshell, cultural psychology concentrates on whether, when, and how people growing up in given cultures tend to internalize the culture. It tends to emphasize the fact that mental processes are the product of the interaction between an individual and a culture.
You will complete a 1-2-page reaction based on examples of the relevance of human behavior in 2020 that can understand the psychology of several groups relative to their sociocultural setting and the context in which the behavior occurred. Please use apply the constructs from the book and lectures.
Reflection Discussion Grading Rubric.
1) Body of Reflection: 30 points.
-Is the paragraph interesting and draws in the reader?
-Does it describe the thesis argument in detail?
-Does it mention different concepts discussed in class?
-Is each paragraph one idea unit? Review one concept per paragraph.
– Are the findings summarized in your own words?
-Does the paragraph tie together the information from the previous paragraphs?
-Is the thesis clear?
2) References: 10 points
-Are the references arranged in alphabetical order according to the author’s last name?
-Did you remember to include a reference for every citation in the paper?
-Double-check all of the punctuation on each reference
3) Writing style & APA style: 10 points
-Are the citations in APA style?
-Is the overall paper in APA style?
-Is the writing clear and without typos and stylistic problems?
-Do you treat each paragraph as one idea unit?
-Did you avoid quotations?
-Does it connect paragraphs through transition sentences?
Other APA-Style Issues to Check:
All sources are cited in APA style including Authors and Year
All places which require a citation have one.
Proper punctuation in APA-style
References are in alphabetical order.
The entire paper is double-spaced.