Creating an Academic Plan Instructions for completing your a…

Creating an Academic Plan

Instructions for completing your academic plan assignment:

  • Complete the sample template included at the bottom of the instructions.
  • Use the academic plan from the college catalog year that you are following. Most of you will be using the current catalog year but you could be following a previous catalog year. This is determined by the academic year you started in your current program.This does not necessarily mean when you started taking classes at the college. (Click here to access the college catalog page on our website.) (Links to an external site.)
  • As you sequence your classes in your academic plan, please keep in mind that some classes have prerequisite coursework that must be completed. You will find this in the college catalog in the “Course Descriptions” section. Some courses may only be offered during a specific semester, use the college catalog plan as a guide or consult with an Enrollment Specialist. This is mostly applicable to cohort programs.
  • An example of how to indicate the “Semester taken/will take” in the last column is SP21 Last 8 weeks.
  • The “Additional Notes” section in the template is a good place for you to indicate any future concerns/roadblocks you have about any of your classes you will be taking. You can also note courses that have prerequisites or specific sequencing.